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AIS is constituted on 17 March, 2005 with mexican private capital. Since it’s founding, it has provided services to companies related to the oil and gas industry, offering the best services solutions in the industrial, commercial and logistic fields markets.


Offering integral solutions in logistics, construction, diving, concrete and ship agency, winning and maintaining the trust of our clients, achieving excellence and their complete satisfaction by offering innovation, quality and safety in each of our services through a professional work team committed to always give the best of themselves.


Consolidate us in 2020 as the company preferred by its innovation, quality, safety and client service, up to become leaders in each one of our lines of business always looking forward the satisfaction of our clients and collaborators.


We have as fundamental values the recognition of personal virtues, the safety of our workers and the protection of our environment, since the most value resource is the human and must be made up of people at the service of society, people willing to cultivate the highest values in which we believe and share: Honesty, loyalty, leadership, quality - productivity, trust, commitment and development.

• Honesty

• Loyalty

• Leadership

• Quality and Productivity

• Development

• Teamwork

• Trust

• Commitment

Our offices are strategically located at:

Cd. Del Carmen and Seybaplaya, Campeche | Dos Bocas, Tabasco
Puerto de Veracruz | Tampico and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas | Laredo, Texas, USA

Logo de AIS


placeAv. 31 No. 1702
Col. Fovissste
Cd. del Carmen Campeche
CP 24199, México
phone01 800 001 0247
phone+52 (938) 111 0304

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